giovedì 3 gennaio 2008


I would like to make you a proposal!!! Can I? During the past holiday days we have heard many requests of help from populations that live in state of emergency and in serious difficulties.Why our little blogger's universe don't gather to support one of this projects? In this way Christmas will during throughout all 2008? What can we do? We must decide it together..we have received many marvellous gifts:our fantasy,our manuality,our creativity...we can use those qualities not only for us or for our family and friends,but also for those who don't have anything.I have heard with interest appeals in behalf of womens and children that live in Darfur.--I have seen their faces,their eyes and I felt really bad!! It takes a little for give this loneliness people a chance,a peaceful future,a smile.They needs schools,hospitals,homes,little solidarity loans to enable them create a job that give this people a chance of living.If you like this Idea create a CHINESE WHISPER,together we can do something!...IDEAS are WELCOME!!! Look also this

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